Senator Jeff Sessions

Working To Prevent A Debt Crisis That Threatens Our Nation’s Future

Senator Sessions believes we should grow the economy – not the government – and that we should create more jobs instead of more debt.

In the U.S. Senate, he has earned the reputation as a tough fiscal conservative. At every turn, Sessions works hard to limit spending, keep taxes low, and fight waste, fraud, and abuse. He knows that low taxes lead to economic growth, and he believes that Americans know how to spend their hard-earned money better than politicians in Washington. Putting money back in the taxpayers' hands allows individuals to invest in the future of our country.

Sessions regularly stands guard on the Senate floor looking out for the American taxpayer by offering amendments and pursuing bipartisan efforts to combat wasteful and unnecessary spending. He has also developed a reputation as a guardian of the budget, raising points of order against legislation that violates pre-set spending limits. Sessions understands that when Congress agrees upon certain spending levels, it represents an agreement with the American people as well for how their tax dollars will be spent.

In January 2011, Sessions was selected by his colleagues to be Ranking Member of the Budget Committee, a committee he has been a part of since 2003. Senator Sessions has worked to combat the rising tide of debt that threatens hardworking American families.

Honest Budget Act

In October of 2011, Senator Sessions introduced a reform proposal to make it harder for Congress to spend money in the absence of a budget resolution. The Honest Budget Act (S. 1651), eliminates a number of budget gimmicks and tricks, including Congress' ability to violate budget law by spending money without a budget in place. Specifically, the Honest Budget Act would require a three-fifths majority vote for the Senate to pass appropriation bills without first adopting a budget resolution.

America deserves an honest, fact-based response to our economic challenges that controls Washington spending and grows the private sector. Without a responsible plan for limiting waste and reducing our debt, any tax increase amounts to nothing more than a bailout for big spenders in Washington. Both parties must work together to wisely manage the federal treasury on behalf of every hardworking American.

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