Senator Jeff Sessions

As a United States Senator, I am pleased to be in the position to help you interact with the various departments and agencies of the federal government.  Being responsive and helpful to constituents who have difficulties with the federal bureaucracy is a long-standing tradition that I am proud to continue. 

This section of my website is designed to help facilitate that process and to answer many commonly asked questions.


If you are an Alabama resident and are having problems with a federal agency, please contact my local office in your region.

Under the provisions of the Privacy Act of 1974, my office must have formal written authorization from you before making an inquiry to a federal agency on your behalf. This law was enacted to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of personal information.

To improve our ability to assist you, please fill out the privacy release form below.

Please chose one of the following versions of the Privacy Release Form:
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Once you have completed this form, please submit it to the nearest regional office with a detailed letter describing your problem, the government agency involved, and any other pertinent information related to your case. In order to assist you, your letter must include your Social Security number and signature.

Please note that inquiries regarding military service must be written and signed by the servicemember requesting assistance.  A letter signed by a parent, spouse, or close friend is not sufficient. 

State Government Issues

As a federal legislator, I have no authority to intervene in matters that fall under the sole jurisdiction of the State of Alabama.  (Some examples of state matters include food stamps, child support, insurance regulation, and direct oversight of utilities.)  The governor's office or your state representative is better positioned to assist you in these matters. 

A complete listing of state agencies and contact information is available at

Additionally, the rules of the Senate prevent me from directly intervening in any pending legal action, court proceeding, or appeal.  If you seek assistance with a legal matter, please consider contacting the Attorney General for the State of Alabama, the United States Department of Justice, or an attorney in your area. 


Please send your privacy release form and letter via U.S. mail to the office that represents your county, listed here.