Senator Jeff Sessions


Education of the next generation is a key issue in this country, and my offices are pleased to assist you by providing information to constituents on financing their educations, the possibility of canceling their loan payments and information on how to handle loans that have gone into default. In addition, parents of school age children frequently seek information about local school regulations and tuition problems for their college aged children. For all those matters that pertain to the federal government, please do not hesitate to contact any one of my state offices.

The United States Department of Education website provides useful information on a variety of education topics for students, parents, teachers and administrators. In addition to the Department of Education, there are a number of other on-line resources that may provide you with the information you need for your educational inquiries. These sites are listed to the right.


Please determine if your concerns are with the federal government or with the state of Alabama or your local school district.

If your problem or issue is with the federal government, send the Privacy Act waiver, which you can complete and print in Step Two or download from this section of the website. Mail or fax the Privacy Act Release waiver to my state office that is nearest to you, along with any additional information you may have regarding your case. Be sure to sign the document and include your address and daytime phone number.


Are you having difficulties in repaying your student loan?
There are programs available to help you with repayment. My office can provide you with information and assistance if you are unable to repay your loan or if your school closed before you completed your studies. For more information, please see the websites listed below. Return to Top
Do you have a concern about a local school district?
Matters involving the school to which your child is assigned, curriculums offered or any other questions of a local nature should be directed to your representative on you local school board, the director of your school district or the Alabama Department of Education. Return to Top