Senator Jeff Sessions

Preparing for natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes is essential to ensuring the safety of people and communities. Over the past few years, the State of Alabama has been struck by a series of tornadoes so devastating that they are being termed as among the worst in our state’s history. While Alabamians continue to rebuild in the wake of those disasters, my office is pleased to provide the following links to federal and state organizations, in addition to contact information for my state offices, to help you and your family better prepare for and recover from natural disasters.

For many Alabamians these disasters have hit close to home—from devastation in our own communities, to those of our friends and families. As I have traveled across the state, I have been encouraged to see volunteers pitching in to help clean up those areas hit hardest by storms. The work of recovery can be a slow process, but rest assured my office and I stand ready to help. Events can evolve quickly during natural disasters, which is why we will continue to update the information below to better serve you. As always, please contact me or a member of my staff if we can be of service to you.

Very truly yours,

Jeff Sessions