Senator Jeff Sessions

Helping Every American Reach His or Her Highest Potential

Senator Sessions, himself a former schoolteacher, is devoted to finding ways to improve our nation’s education system.

During his time in the Senate, Sessions has worked hard to improve adolescent literacy rates among America's schoolchildren.  Unfortunately, 70% of American middle and high school students read below grade level.  Improving their reading skills is essential to better prepare our students for higher grades today and the jobs and technologies of tomorrow. 

Sessions is a leading advocate of the Alabama Reading Initiative, Alabama's successful K-3 reading program.  Sessions recently introduced the Striving Readers Act (S. 958), a groundbreaking bill that would provide additional resources to schools nationwide for adolescent literacy. This legislation aims to train teachers and equip states with the right tools to help older students read at grade level.

Sessions remains committed to promoting policies that ensure quality educational opportunities for America's students.

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