Senator Jeff Sessions

Promoting Affordable, Clean, Reliable Domestic Energy for the Benefit of American Workers and Families

Senator Sessions supports national energy policies that promote affordable, reliable, and clean American energy. Alabama—and indeed the entire United States—is blessed with an abundance of energy resources—from coal, natural gas, and oil to nuclear, hydroelectric, and other renewables—all of which can be harnessed to make life better for American workers and families. As importantly, Senator Sessions understands the importance of balancing safety, health, environmental and conservation concerns. He seeks to promote federal policies that strike the right balance, while respecting private property and the primary role of state and local governments.

With advancements in technologies and discoveries of new resources, America is benefitting from an energy revolution that is reshaping our economy in fundamental ways. Abundant and cheap natural gas is fueling a revival in the U.S. manufacturing and industrial sector, creating thousands of jobs for Alabamians and helping to ensure that electricity rates remain globally competitive. Likewise, the United States is becoming a leading producer of oil and gasoline.

By producing more energy at home, we are keeping more of our nation’s wealth within our borders, making our people more prosperous, and enhancing our national security. New technologies also hold great promise for producing renewable fuels from Alabama’s abundant timber resources. And by expanding nuclear power and developing other technologies that utilize cleaner burning fuels, we can decrease harmful pollutants in the air we breathe and in our atmosphere.

Regrettably, many of the Administration’s current policies serve to hinder—not promote—a sound national energy policy, and by imposing layer-upon-layer of new bureaucracy and red-tape, the Administration’s regulatory agenda threatens to derail economic growth. As a senior member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, Senator Sessions has taken an active role in defending American workers against unwarranted EPA regulations, promoting sound energy policy, and advancing smart conservation and the interests of Alabamians.

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