Senator Jeff Sessions

Making Quality Health Care Accessible to Every American

Senator Sessions is focused on finding ways to make health care more affordable, improve access to doctors and hospitals, and maintain the highest quality of care possible for the citizens of Alabama.  Senator Sessions has expressed serious concern regarding the impact of the uninsured on our nation's hospitals, and has supported legislation to address this problem. 
Senator Sessions is also a strong advocate for restoring fairness to the federal funding formulas that have traditionally short-changed Alabama, such as the Medicare reimbursement rate for hospitals and the distribution of critical HIV/AIDS funding.
Sessions has expressed grave concern over the unwise and controversial health care law, which was upheld by the Supreme Court on a narrow 5-4 ruling. He disagrees with the Court's decision that individuals can be required to purchase health insurance, believing that if the government can tax individuals merely for choosing not to buy something, then it gains the power to coerce them into taking other actions that it desires as well. Sessions has stated that it is unwise, even dangerous, to entrust politicians with such broad authority over the lives of the citizenry.
What is more, the health law remains unaffordable, regardless of the constitutional questions. It will add $17 trillion to the nation's long-term unfunded liabilities—more than twice the unfunded liability of Social Security. Senator Sessions fully supports efforts to repeal this unaffordable law and replace it with smart steps that reduce costs, improve competition, protect taxpayers, and empower the individual consumer.