Senator Jeff Sessions

Summer 2015 Intern Program In Washington, DC

I offer a three-week educational internship in my Washington, D.C., office designed for highly qualified students with an interest in the governing process.

We will have four sessions, beginning with Session I, which will last from May 11 until May 29. Session II will last from June 1 until June 19. Session III will last from June 22 until July 10, and Session IV will last from July 13 until July 31. Priority is given to students either from Alabama or students enrolled in an Alabama school who have completed at least their sophomore year of college.

Applications will be accepted starting December 2, 2014, and must be submitted on or before February 27, 2015. We now have an online process, whereby applications must be submitted entirely online. Click here to access the application. You can now include your resume in this application, and we are interested in your activities and accomplishments.

Although letters of recommendation are neither required nor expected, they can also be mailed to our Washington office. Additional information about the application process can be found on the application itself.

This is a highly competitive process. Due to the limited amount of space and resources available, there are usually more qualified applicants than positions available. In recent years, only 30 percent of our applicants were accepted.

Our internship process is a rewarding experience for everyone involved, and I am enthusiastic about the number of young adults who wish to take an active role in today’s government. We have designed an internship program that places an emphasis on the educational aspects of Capitol Hill and is designed to give students an opportunity to view the workings of a legislative office.

Through the Congressional Intern Lecture series, students are able to attend weekly seminars on the legislative process, issues facing Congress, and special lectures from Members of Congress. Interns will also have the opportunity to attend committee hearings and view Senate floor proceedings from the Senate gallery. Additionally, interns will also play an important role in our office, assisting legislative staff with research and regular duties, helping with constituent services, assisting with administrative duties, or working in the press office.

We offer a stipend for our interns, provided in two payments, based on the Senate payroll schedule. However, we also know that many students choose to participate in an internship for academic credit. Those students who choose to receive academic credit will not be eligible to receive this stipend. Interns are also responsible for their own housing, food, and transportation. Additional information on housing and transportation in the District of Columbia and Northern Virginia will be provided with notification of an internship. Interns should begin researching housing possibilities early, due to the high demand for summer intern housing.

Our internship program is designed for young adults focused on their future career path. When in Washington, interns should behave in a professional manner and dress professionally in the workplace. Appropriate business attire includes a coat and tie for men and dress pants, conservative skirts, or professional dresses for women.

We appreciate your interest in an internship. Again, please complete and submit the internship application by February 27, 2015. Applications will be reviewed and notification of internships should be completed by mid-March. If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact McLaurine Klingler in our office by calling (202) 224-4124, or e-mailing her.