Senator Jeff Sessions


The Social Security Administration provides benefits and services to people of retirement age and to individuals with disabilities that prevent them from working. Supplemental Security Income benefits are based on financial need, and Social Security Disability benefits are determined through an established eligibility process.


Before my office may contact the Social Security Administration on your behalf, he must have your written authorization. Please complete the Privacy Act waiver, available at Step Two, and fax or mail it to my state office that is nearest to you.


Have you been denied disability benefits?
The established process following a denial of benefits is to file an appeal with the Office of Hearings and Appeals (OHA). Before my office can assist you with your claim, you must have a case before the OHA. My office may work with the Social Security Administration (SSA) on your behalf, but we cannot tell the SSA to aprove a claim if it does not meet established qualifications. Return to Top
Have you filed a claim and not recieved a reply?
My office may make inquires on your behalf to determine the status of your claim. I cannot tell the Social Security Administration to move your case up unless there is an emergency situation. SSA guidelines specify that emergency situations are a terminal illness or an impending eviction from your home. Return to Top