Senator Jeff Sessions

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Washington, D.C.

(202) 224-4124


Rick Dearborn - Chief of Staff

Kaitlin Vogt - Assistant to the Chief of Staff

Peggi Hanrahan - Executive Assistant

Kate Hollis - Scheduler 

Constituent Services

Avis DuBose - Office Manager

Joseph Stagnitto - Systems Administrator

Rebecca Howard - Staff Assistant


Sandy Luff - Legislative Director

Pete Landrum - Senior Defense Policy Advisor

Eddie Pilcher - Military Fellow

Conrad Pierce - Senior Health Care Policy Advisor

Andrew Herther - Legislative Assistant

Mary Blanche Hankey - HELP Legislative Counsel

Emily McBride - HELP Legislative Correspondent

Kimberly Brown - Healthcare/Education Fellow

Chris Jackson - Budget, Trade Legislative Counsel

Bradley Jaye - Legislative Aide

George Elliott - Legislative Correspondent


Stephen Miller - Communications Director

Jack Bonnikson - Press Secretary

Judiciary Committee

Danielle Cutrona - Chief Counsel

David Anthony - Legislative Counsel

Michael Taunton - Legislative Counsel

Rachael Tucker - Counsel

William You - Counsel Detailee

Budget Committee

Eric Ueland - Staff Director

William Smith - General Counsel

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Birmingham, AL

(205) 731-1500

June Reeves-Weir - Caseworker

Paula Cox - Staff Assistant

Virginia Amason - Field Representative


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Huntsville, AL

(256) 533-0979

Lisa Montgomery - Field Representative

Shanderla McMillian - Caseworker

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Mobile, AL

(251) 414-3083

Conrad Pierce - Senior HCPA

Susan Thompson - Grants Coordinator/Caseworker

Valerie Day - Field Representative

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Montgomery, AL

(334) 244-7017

Cecelia Meeks - Field Representative

Zandra Wilson - Caseworker

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Dothan, AL

(334) 792-4924

Cecelia Meeks - Field Representative

Morgan Blankenship - Staff Assistant

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