Senator Jeff Sessions


The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) processes and delivers mail to individuals and businesses within the United States. The Service assists customers through the development of efficient mail-handling systems and operates its own planning and engineering programs. The Service also is responsible for protecting mail from loss or theft and apprehending those who violate postal laws through the USPS Postal Inspection Service.

If you have concerns with inconsistent or poor mail service, or potential fruad cases involving US mail (including identity theft), please contact your local postmaster first. If you are unable to resolve the situation to your satisfaction, then please contact any of my state offices.


If your problem or issue is with the federal government, send the Privacy Act waiver, which you can complete and print in Step Two, and/or a letter to my office asking for assistance. Be sure to sign the letter and include your address and daytime phone number. You may send the Privact Act waiver and/or letter to any of my four state offices.